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List of Hoysala Style of Temples, District Wise

1 Chamarajanagara Chamarajanagara Terakanambi Sri.Hande Gopalaswami
2 Chamarajanagara Chamarajanagara Terakanambi Sri.Lakshmi Varadaraja Swami
3 Chamarajanagara Chamarajanagara Terakanambi Sri.Trayambakeshwara
4 Chamarajanagara Chamarajanagara Terakanambi Sri.Mulasthaneshwara
5 Chamarajanagara Gundlupet Gundlupet Sri.Vijaya Narayana
6 Chamarajanagara Gundlupet Hangala Sri.Varadaraja Swami
7 Chamarajanagara Gundlupet Himavada Gopalaswami Betta Sri.Himavad Gopalaswami
8 Chamarajanagara Gundlupet Raghavapura Sri.Lakshmi Narayana
9 Chamarajanagara Gundlupet Raghavapura Sri.Rameshwara
10 Chikkaballapura Chikkaballapura Nandi Sri.Bhoga Nandeshwara
11 Chikmagalur Chikmagalur Belavadi Sri.Veera Narayana
12 Chikmagalur Chikmagalur Hiremagalore Sri.Kodandarama
13 Chikmagalur Chikmagalur Khandya Sri.Markhandaya
14 Chikmagalur Tarikere Amruthapura Sri.Amrutheshwara
15 Davangere Hairhara Hairhara Sri.Mahishasuramardhini
16 Davangere Harihara Harihara Sri.Harihareshwara
17 Davangere Honalli Nanditavare Sri.Nandi
18 Hassan Arasikere Chatchatnalli Sri.Chatteshwara
19 Hassan Arasikere Honnavara Sri.Channakeshava
20 Hassan Arkalgud Basavapatna Sri.Shanthiswara
21 Hassan Arkalgud Basavapatna Sri.Lakshmikantha
22 Hassan Arkalgud Keralapura Sri.Veerabhadra
23 Hassan Arkalgud Ramanathapura Sri.Agastheswara
24 Hassan Arkalgud Ramanathapura Sri.Pattabhirama
25 Hassan Arkalgud Ramanathapura Sri.Rameshwara
26 Hassan Arkalgud Ramanathapura Sri.Lakshmaneshwara
27 Hassan Arkalgud Ramanathapura Sri.Subramanya
28 Hassan Arsikere Harnahalli Sri.Lakshmi Narasmiha
29 Hassan Arsikere Harnahalli Sri.Someshwara
30 Hassan Arsikere Hullekere Sri.Channakeshava
31 Hassan Arsikere Javagal Sri.Lakshmi Narasmiha
32 Hassan Arsikere Koravangala Sri.Govindeshwara
33 Hassan Arsikere Koravangala Sri.Bucheshwara
34 Hassan Arsikere Malekal Thirupathi Sri.Venkataramana
35 Hassan Arsikere Shivalaya Sri.Ishvara
36 Hassan Belur Belur Sri.Channakeshava
37 Hassan Belur Doddagaddavalli Sri.Lakshmi
38 Hassan Belur Halebeedu Sri.Hoysaleshwara
39 Hassan Belur Halebeedu Sri.Kedareshwara
40 Hassan Channarayapatna Anekere Sri.Channakeshava
41 Hassan Channarayapatna Channarayapatna Sri.Gadde Rameshwara
42 Hassan Channarayapatna Channayapatna Sri.Channakeshava
43 Hassan Channarayapatna Nuggehalli Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha
44 Hassan Channarayapatna Nuggehalli Sri.Sadashiva
45 Hassan Hassan Adagur Sri.Channakeshava
46 Hassan Hassan Holalu Sri.Yoga Narasimha
47 Hassan Hassan Kowsika Sri.Lakshmi Channakeshava
48 Hassan Hassan Mosale Sri.Nagareshwara
49 Hassan Hassan Mosale Sri.Channakeshava
50 Hassan Hassan Salgame Sri.Cannakeshava
51 Hassan Hassan Sanka Sri.Cannakeshava
52 Hassan Holenarasipura Bherya Sri.Cannakeshava
53 Hassan Holenarasipura Holenarasipura Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha
54 Hassan Holenarasipura Malali Sri.Eshwara
55 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Agalaya Sri.Malleshwara
56 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Akkihebbalu Sri.Konkaneshwara
57 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Akkihebbalu Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha
58 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Govindanahalli Sri.Panchalingeshwara
59 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Govindanahalli Sri.Venu Gopala
60 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Hariharapura Sri.Harihareshwara
61 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Hariharapura Sri.Channakeshava
62 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Hosaholalu Sri.Lakshmi Narayana
63 Mandya Krishnaraja Pete Kikkeri Sri.Brahmeshwara
64 Mandya Maddur Maddur Sri.Narasimha
65 Mandya Mandya Basaralu Sri.Mallikarjuna
66 Mandya Mandya Budanur Sri.Visveswara
67 Mandya Mandya Budanur Sri.Anantha Padmanabha
68 Mandya Nagamangala Bendiganavile Sri.Channakeshava
69 Mandya Nagamangala Dodjetka Sri.Channakeshava
70 Mandya Nagamangala Nagamangala Sri.Saumya Keshava
71 Mandya Nagamangala Santhebachalli Sri.Mahalingeshwara
72 Mandya Pandavapura Bhu Varhanatha Kallahalli Sri.Bhu Varahanatha
73 Mandya Pandavapura Kannambadi Sri.Venu Gopala Swamy
74 Mandya Pandavapura Melukote Sri.Cheluva Narayana Swamy
75 Mandya Pandavapura Tondanur Sri.Venkata Ramana
76 Mandya Pandavapura Tondanur Sri.Kailaseshwara
77 Mandya Sriranga Patna Sriranga Patna Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha
78 Mandya Sriranga Patna SriRanga Patna Sri.Ranganatha
79 Mysore Krishnaraja Nagara Chunchankatte Sri.Rama
80 Mysore Krishnaraja Nagara Hale Yedatore Sri.Arkeshwara
81 Mysore Krishnaraja Nagara Saligrama Sri Pada Theertha
82 Mysore Krishnaraja Nagara Saligrama Sri.Yoganarasimha
83 Mysore Mysore Vajamangala Sri.Anakanatheswara
84 Mysore Mysore Varakodu Sri.Varadarajaswami
85 Mysore Nanjangud Hedthale Sri.Nagareshwara
86 Mysore Nanjangud Hedthale Sri.Lakshmikantha
87 Mysore Nanjangud Hemmaragala Sri.Venugopala
88 Mysore Nanjangud Kalale Sri.Lakshmikantha
89 Mysore Tirumakudal Narasipura Muduktore Sri.Mallikarjuna
90 Mysore Tirumakudal Narasipura Talkad Sri.Kirthi Narayana
91 Mysore Tirumakudal Narasipura Tirumakudal Narasipura Sri.Gunja Narasimha
92 Mysore Tirumakudal Narsipura Somanathapura Sri.Keshava
93 Ramanagara Channapatna Dodda Mallur Sri.Ramaprameya
94 Ramanagara Magadi Savandurga Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha
95 Shimoga Bhadravathi Bhadravathi Sri.Venugopala
96 Shimoga Sagara Keladi Sri.Rameshwara
97 Shimoga Shikaripura Belligamve Sri.Thripuranthakeshwara
98 Shimoga Shikaripura Belligamve Sri.Kedareshwara
99 Shimoga Shimoga Koodli Sri.Chintamani Narasimha
100 Shimoga Shimoga Koodli Sri.Rameshwara
101 Shimoga Thirthahalli Agumbe Sri.Venugopala
102 Tumkur Chikkanayakanahalli Settikere Sri.Yogamadhava
103 Tumkur Kunigal Kunigal Sri.Padmeshwara
104 Tumkur Kunigal Kunigal Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha
105 Tumkur Turuvekere Aralguppe Sri.Channakeshava
106 Tumkur Turuvekere Nagalapura Sri.Kedareshwara
107 Tumkur Turuvekere Nagalapura Sri.Channakeshava
108 Tumkur Turuvekere Nonavinakere Sri.Venugopala
109 Tumkur Turuvekere Tandaga Sri.Venugopala
110 Tumkur Turuvekere Turuvekere Sri.Channakeshava
111 Tumkur Turuvekere Turuvekere Sri.Moole Shankara


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The first recorded history of Kerala appears in the inscriptions of the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka (269-232 b.c.).In these inscriptions, Ashoka refers to four independent kingdoms that lay to the south of his empire. These were the kingdoms of the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Keralaputrasand the Satiyaputras.Among them, the Keralaputras or the Cheras, as they were called, reigned over Malabar, Cochin and North Tra ...
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History & Culture
History & Culture
 The unique culture of Thrissur is represented in the traditional customs of the place. Thrissur is referred to as the cultural nerve center of the state of Kerala. Representing the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the state of Kerala, Thrissur houses several literary and cultural societies that impart training in performing arts of the region. Thrissur celebrates numerous religious and ...
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How to Reach Thrissur in Kerala: How to Reach Thrissur by Air: The nearest airport to Thrissur is the Nedumbassery which is located 58kms away from Thrissur. Another important airport near Thrissur is Kochi Airport. How to Reach Thrissur by Rail: Thrissur Railway Station connects the city to the major cities of the country with its good network of railway lines. For a short while, during the reign of ...
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Geography of Thrissur reveals the topographic features of the region in south India. The city covers a total area of 3,032 square kilometers and is dominated by forest region. To know about Thrissur, it is also important to study the demography of the region which is also an important component in the study of the geographical features of the city. The city of Thrissur is situated in the geographical coordi ...
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Thrissur or Thrissivaperoor is the ‘cultural capital of Kerala’'. The city is a major financial and commercial hub. It is famous for the Thrissur Pooram festival and has a large number of well-known temples.Thrissur has traditionally been a centre of learning. With the decline of Buddhism and Jainism due to the growing supremacy of Brahminism during the revival of Hinduism, Thrissur became an ...
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