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Bhagavatha stories part 4 - Krishna
01-February-2010 TO 01-February-2010
Narada and his test
Narada wanted to see how after the killing of Narakasura ,Krishna had married so many women and is living with all of them giving all of them equal pleasure .Krishna is Eka purusha and how did he take aneka body and how he does leela in 16008 houses and with so many bodies ?Narada wanted to see that leela directly and came to Dwaraka.He went to the anthapura of Krishna .In one of his houses which was having walls of precious jewels and decorated with garlands,and with many servants all of them dressed and decorated he saw the jeweled lamps everywhere ,chithravalabhi,wherepeacocks seeing the clouds of homa coming out thinking that it is rainclouds expand their feathers and dance.The wife of Krishna with he r 1000 dasi ,was fanning Kesava with chamara having golden handle and Krishna was reclining on a cot .Krishna seeing the distinguished guest got up,welcomed him and did namaskara at his feet befitting to one who has taken a human birth and gave him a respected seat.Washing Narada?s feet he wore the water on his head.Bhagavan wears the water from the feet of bhaktha as theerthajala on his own head.
Narada said:-Lord of all the worlds,You were born by your own will to destroy adharma and protectdharma.I am meditating always on your feet alone for the sake of moksha.Bless me for memory of you to be always within me.I would like to perceive your yogamaya and its vibhoothy,Yogeswara!
Thus getting permission he entered each of the house where Bhagavan was playing his yogamayaleela.
In the home of Sathyabhama he saw Krishna playing dice with Udhava and Sathyabhama.There also Krishna got up and welcomed Narada as before and as if he has not known anything asked him ?Mahrshe ,What is the purpose of your arrival??
In another house he saw Krishna embracing his children and playing with them.In another house he saw Krishna ready for a bath.In another he was doing Agnihothra.In another rhe was doing yajana with panchamahamagha.In yet another he was feeding Brahmins and taking the left over after their food.In one house he was doing manthrajapa in slence.Elsewhere he was doing sandhyavandana.In one house he was practicing with sword.In one house he saw Krishna on a horseback,elsewhere in a chariot and in another on an elephant .In one house he is being praised by the music of the vandi group of musicians.In another he is sleeping on a cot.In another he is discussing with his ministers on the affairs of state with ministers like udhava.In another house he is playing in a swimming pool.In one house he is giving away cows which are decorated to Brahmins.Inanother he is listening to purana and ithihasa stories.In another he is laughing and playing with his wife.In some houses he is enjoying kaama and artha.And in others he is doing dharma and mokshadharma .In many houses he saw Krishna meditating on paramathman which is Eka.Krishna was doing Gurupooja in another house.In one house he is practicing battle and in another place talking about peace and in another with Balarama thinking about the welfare of entire world.In some houses he is thinking with his wives about the marriage proposals to his sons and daughters and who will be the suitable consort for such and such etc just like a samsarin.He was thinking about the wealth and dowry to be sent with the newly wed daughters in some houses with the mother of that daughter.In one house he sending the daughter to her grooms house and in others welcoming the bride of his son.In one house he is doing yajna for deva.Elsewhere Krishna is thinking of doing dharma of making gardens,wells,lakes etc for irrigation .In one house he was on a horse from Sindhudesaa and proceeding for forest on a hunting expedition.He saw him along with yadava doing hunting.In some places he saw Krishna in a different attire journeying to know the secrets of his country and any complaints among the people.Seeing this multiple functions being done at the same time Narada knew the Yogaprabhaava of yogeswra Krisna .He told Krishna :Even Aja and the Aditya do not know this type of yoga ,though they are able to control maaya.We are given a taste of it simply because of the blessing due to eternal service of your feet.Bless me so that I may be able to sing about these stories forever and purify the entire cosmos with your fame .
Bhagavan said:-My son,Do not worry that I have taken grihasthasrama.I have done that for protection of the worlds and its dharma.I am the speaker as well as doer of dharma .And the house of grihasthasramins will be purified by doing swadharma in this way.
Narada seeing pure grihasthasramadharma being done in 16008 houses at the same time simultaneously by the EKA ,knew the prabhaava of Vishnu by direct perception .
Krishna is the cause of origin,sustenance and destruction of cosmos and one who knows and hears and tells the stories of dharma done by him in his avathar will be liberated from all sorrows by the compassionate lord himself.

Day to day activities(dinacharya )of Bhagavan:-
When the cocks make their morning call,the wives of Krishna cursed them thinking of the separation from Krishna for the day.They didn?t want to loose the embrace of Krishna even for a moment.When the birds start their music with the early morning breeze on branches of flowering trees,the vandi musicians too sing and awaken Mukunda .Rugmini ,was always dreading that moment when Krishna wakes up and leaves her from the middle of his embracing arms.Krishna wakes up in the Brahmamuhoortha,washes his body and teeth and with blissful chitha do dhyana of Athman which is beyond thamas.taht one which has no destruction,eka,selfrevealing ,and without a second ,which discards all bondage of avidya and capable of making,protecting and destroying cosmos,and with bliss or ananda as its bhava ,and which is known by the name of Brahman is meditated with sradha .After sandhya and daily routines he observing silence does Homa and do japa of Gayathri ,alone .Gives arghya to rising sun after that.After that do archana of deva,pithru,muni,and elderly Brahmins.Daily he gives away 13084 cows with good quality,with lot of milk and with calf ,horns and hoof plated with gold and silver ,decorated with golden garlands and white silk ,to bhoodeva wearing bark of trees .Worshipping cows,Brahmins,devatha,elderly,Guru and all bhootha he touches auspicious objects .After that decorates himself with new clothes and jewels ,garlands,flowers and fragrant things like chandan etc.To see auspicious things daily he see Aajya,cow,tree,mirror,devatha,and respected Barhmins daily according to the injunction of sasthra.Then he gives whatever the citizens and people in the antha:pura desire.Thus he gave all desires of his people and made them happy.First to Brahmins,then to friends,then to citizens and last to his own wives he gives whatever they desire like garlands,fragrance,thamboola etc and wealth.After making everyone pleased he takes his food.Then the charioteer brings the chariot with the four horses called Saibya,Valahaka,Sugreeva and Meghapushpa.Holding the hand of the charioteer with compassion,with Udhava and Sathyaki he enters the chariot as if the rising sun on the eastern mountain.Seeing all the women in his antha:pura watching him he smiles at them and then starts his journey.The chariot takes him to the sabha called Sudharma where all the yadus assemble.That sabha is free from the six waves of sorrow,thirst,moha,old age or death and everyone is happy there.Krishna is like a full moon among the stars of yadavas in that sabha.The actors,musicians,dancers,and artistic people by their arts worship Krishna there.Veena,Mridanga,murajam,venu,samkha etc and the vocal music and sounds of dancing peoples ornaments always makes it auspicious and the manthra from Brahmins echo in it.The vaadins say the stories of ancient kings who were experts in dharma.Then the gateman came and told Krishna that someone who is not seen before in Dwaraka has come to see him.He came in and with folded hands told about the sorrows of the kings who have been bound by Jarasandha,king of Magadha.?There are 20000 of them who are bound in the fort of Girivraja(mountain fort).All the other kings are afraid when he will bind them too.All of them are worshipping and praying to you only with dharma .Since youalone can protect dharma and destroy adharma,everyone is depending upon you to kill jarasandha and free the kings from him.Isa,This kingly pleasures is temporary and will end one day with the hands of enemy and is always aswathanthra .Knowing this very well we are doing the rajadharma with nishkaama ,so that protection of dharma be done .We do not desire samsara or power but someone should protect dharma and the people and their belongings .That is the only reason we are continuing as kings and none of us wants power of this sort.We too desire moksha only.We have no one except you to come to .Jarasandha has strength of 10000 elephants and with the pride of that strength he is doing adharma .Just like a lion puts female goats in his custody,he has bound all kings in his jail.Do protect us from the king of Magadha .Chakrapaani,18 times he ran from your chakra after loosing all his army.Then when you sent him every time alive and pretended that he has won in the 18th time ,he became too proud.He is thus making life difficult for us,the kings ,who are your citizens ,your praja(Praja means both child as well as citizen which is used in both meanings here).

At that time Narada came to the sabha.The sabha with Krishna welcomed Narada who looked like the sun itself.krishna asked Narada:-Tell me ,Maharshi,is not all the worlds happy and well?You know everything that happen in all three worlds.tell me what is the venture of the Pandava kings at this time?
Narada said:-I have perceived your yogamaaya strength.I know that you know what is being done by Pandava at this time.This body is always making trouble and drawing one away from the real goal the athman .For samsarins to give compassionate help and protection you have come on earth .Yet you behave as if you are an ordinary human being.Your cousin and your greatest bhaktha,the eldest of the Pandava prince is at present thinking of doing a rajasooya yagna.He wants to worship you with rajasooya.In that yagna all the kings and famous people will assemble to see you and worship you.Therefore come for that yaaga and bless it .If someone sings or tells your stories ,or meditates on you,even if he is chandaala becomes purified.Then what if you are directly perceived and touched by some one?Your fame purifies all worlds.In heaven and earth and paathaala ,water flowing from your your feet is known as Mandakini,Ganga and Bhogavathy respectively .That is the purifier of all worlds.

All the yadavas in the sabha wanted Krishna to kill Jarasandha first.then Krishna smiling ,asked Udhava his chief friend and minister and servant .:?Udhava,you are learned and advices us in all matters.Tell me .What should we do ?
Knowing everything,yet pretending that he does not know anything Krishna said tehse .And Udhava knowing his master?s wish answered like this:-The king of Indraprastha is your cousin and wishes to do raajasooya and you have to be there.At the same time giving protection to the people who ask for it also is our dharma.Only a king who can do digvijaya can do Raajasoooya.Therefore if you go to Yudhishtira and help him in his raajassoya ,you can help him in winning over magadha and in this way both can be done simultaneously.By liberating the kings your fame and your protective powers will be appreciated by all kings .And in strength of 10000 elephants of Magadha king only Bheema is equal.To kill him in a duel with Bheema will be best at this time instead of waiting for his akshouhini army.There is a way for this.Jarasandha is a devotee of Brahmins.H egives whatever the Brahmins ask for.therefore let Bheema take the form of a Brahmin and request for a duel from him.In front of you,with your blessings let bheema kill jarasandha .Your leela of liberation of Seetha,of Pithru and of Gajendra is sang by us,by Gopikas and by sages forever.Like that it is sung by the wives of the bound kings in their homes every day .When children cry they say?Don?t cry ,my son,Madhavan will kill the cruel king and liberate your father?.they put to sleep their children singing your glory only.Therefor e,it is our duty to kill jarasandha in this way and help yudhishtira?s wish of doing Rajasooya.

Hearing the words of Udhava ,the entire sabha,Narada and Krishna approved the logic and dharma of it and it was decided accordingly.Krishan sent news to his wives and children first so that they get ready for the journey and getting permission from Ugrasena and balarama went to Indraparstha with his chathuranga sena in his chariot drawn by Daaruka.The army and chariots and the vehicles of Krishna and his wives and children was followed by a big caraven itself.It had decorated dasis ,their dress , grass huts,and other things carried by buffaloes,oxen,ass,men and carts ,umbrellas,chamara,flags,and weapons of all kinds and crowns ,jewels etc .It looked like a wavy ocean in motion with high sounding winds.Narada went through sky by his yogasidhi.The messenger was happy to see and hear all these and went back to the kings who had sent him and told that Krishna will be instrumental in killing Jarasandha within a few days .Every one waited for the sight of Krishna and the moment when Jarasandha will be killed and the 20000 kings liberated from prison.
Krishna passed through his country of Aanartah ,then Souveera and maru,and reached Kurukshethra .Passing mountainous tracts,rivers,cities and villages ,vraja,mines the army went forth.They crossed Drishadwathy and Saraswathy and crossed panchala and Matsya and reached Indraprastha.Hearing his arrival Yudhishtira came happily to receive him with his Guru and frinds and brothers.He came with geethaghosha and vedaghosha to receive Krishna .Like indriya welcoming praana the five brothers welcomed Krishna.they embraced him again and again.They forgot the world and tears of bliss flowed from their eyes seeing Krishna and embracing him.Hari also was happy and received their love with love and respected all elders and Brahmins .Kekaya,Srinjaya and Kuru elders welcomed Krishna .Gandharva,Maagadhi,Vandi musicians with instruments and vocal praised Krishna.They danced in glee .Thus Krishna entered Indraprastha with pandavas.

Seeing Madhava with his wives entering Indraprastha,all people assembled on either side of streets and on the terraces of houses women of the country watched him pass with love in their hearts ,smile in the lips and with sideglances which showed their devotion.They thought Krishna looks like a Full moon among stars with his innumerable beautiful and lucky wives.
Kunthi seeing Krishna was extremely happy.She got up from her cot and with Panchali went to welcome Krishna.She embraced and kissed him with love.Krishna worshipped his father?s sister and other elders.Subhadra and Panchali welcomed Krishna with pleasure.Asked by Kunthi,Panchali worshipped the wives of Krishna like Rugmini,Bhama,Jambavathy,Shaibya,Sathya,mithravinda ,Kalindi ,Bhadra etc.Arjuna and Krishna did Khandavadahana and through the efficient workmanship of Maya ,the architect of the Asura,Yudhishtira got the sabha which was better than that of Indra .Krishna spent his days with Arjuna during this period .
One day in the sabha of Yudhishtira ,the king told Krishna in front of the entire elders and ministers and people of the sabha.:-?I would like to perform a Raajasooya.By worshipping your feet forever and doing your japa with devotion,one is liberated from all bad deeds.And all his desires are fulfilled.Let the people see this with their own eyes.Let all people of Kuru and Srinjaya understand this fact .For that bless me with fulfillment of this desire.
Bhagavan said;-his yaaga is for the wefare of all including the rishi and the ancestors.You have won me over by your control of senses.And your brothers are all avathara of the protectors of world.You ,being my devotees will successfully complete Rajasooya.
Thus blessed by Madhava ,the four brothers of Yudhishtira went for Digvijaya.Towards the South India came Sahadeva with all chieftains of Srinjaya .To the west went Nakula with chieftains of Matsya.With Kekaya chieftains went Arjuna to the North.And with Madrakas Bheema went to conquer the east.They brought wealth from all the four sides.Only Jarasandha had to be conquered.
Then remembering words of Udhava ,Krishna,Arjuna and Bheema took the form of Brahmins and went to Girivraja ,capital of Maghadha.Seeing the three distinguished Brahmin guests ,jarasandha promised them whatever they desired.Jarasandha thought:-I have seen these three people before .And though wearing Brahmin signs they have features of kshathriya .Yet ,like mahabali ,who gave everything to Vishnu taking the form of Brahmana and achieved eternal punya ,I too will grant them what they want.
Krishna asked for a duel .He disclosed their identity then.Hearing the name of Krishna,his arch enemy who had made his daughters widows ,Jrasandha was angry and laughing aloud and insulting Krishna he said:-Fool!Are you a kshathriya?You are a coward running away from battles and I have seen you do that before.i don?t want to fight with a coward like you.Paaarthan looks not very strong physically and also is very young to me in age .Bheema though younger to me looks to have a good physique for a duel with me.I will fight with him.
He gave a mace to Bheema and took one himself and came out of the palace to a plain ground where battles are done.the great battle that ensued for 27 days and nights.At dawn they start battle.At night they go back to the palace and talk as if they are great friends .After 27 days Bheema told Krishna:- I think this king has won mrityu.I may never be able to kill such a strong man.
Krishna did not say anything.He just took a leaf from a nearby tree and torn it exactly into two halves.Bheema took the hint and tore jarasandha apart catching his thighs .Thus Jarasandha was killed and his two halves with exact symmetry were seen lying dead on the battlefield Son of Jarasandha was Sahadeva.He was given the country and his abhisheka was done by Krishna ,Arjuna and Bheema according to tradition.All the kings bound by Jarasandha were liberated from prison.They wer 20800 in nmber .They were first fed well and then given good clothes to wear .They saw the Blue-hued Krishna as the saviour .All their sorrows and tiredness disappeared by his sight.They said:-Avyaya,Devadevesa,Namaskaram.We prostrate and worship you.Protect us from the sorrows of the ocean of samsara.Madhusoodana,now all our anger and enmity to the king of maghada is quenched.Because only through his prison we had the luck of seeing you at such close quarters.Inkings who are proud of their power and lands sreyas does not last.They misunderstand that ending transient wealth as the sreyas that is eternal.It is like a child mistaking a mirage for water.Your maaya conquers those who have ego and pride in such temporary gains.We were taught this lesson by this experience.Because we were prisoners and lost all wealth we remembered you always and that opportunity was given to us by king of magadha.Give us your blessing so that we will never forget your feet.
Krishna granted that boon to them.he asked the kings to go back to their respective kingdoms and protect people and land with dharma with constant remembrance of God.Krishna said:-Protect al with dharma.Have good sons and entrust the rule in them so that the dharma continues and then come to me.Fix Athman in me and attain me in the end.
They were then given a royal bath and purification of body and then given dress and decorations proper for a king .Sahadeva,son of Jarasandha himself gave a good lunch to them after that .They looked like the grahas sparkling again after the rainy season in the sky.Thus the kings liberated became devotees of Krishna and friends of pandava and they lived obeying bhagavathadharma,and protected the land and people in name of God as the blessing of God and never did they became arrogant or proud or hurt the land or praja in any way.Krishna and Arjuna with Bheema returned after winning over the kingdom of Magadha to Indraprastha alias Khandavaprastha.
After this when the auspicious time arrived Yudhishtira called Rithwiks who were vedagna for doing rajasooya yaaga.The Rithwiks who were called were,Gouthama,KrishnaDwaipayana,Bharadwaja,Veethihothra,Kasyapa,Chyavana,Kanwa,Vasishta,Asitha,Thritha,Madhuchandas,Pailan,Kavashan,Parasaran,Dhoumyan,Sumathy,Viswamithra,Aasuri,Jaimini,Veerasena,Krathu,Vamadeva,Vaisampayana,BhargavaRama,Sumanthu,Maithreya,Atharvan,Gargan and Akrithavranan.
Drona with Aswathama,Kripa,Bheeshma were invited after that.Dritharashtra and his sons were invited next.Vidura and friends were invited.Brahmana,Kshathriya ,Vaisya and soodra were all invited .TheBrahmins first ploughed th eKsethra for the yajna with a golden plough and in that Dharmaputhra sat with deeksha .Like the yajna of Varuna all utensils were of gold.The Indra and other protectors o fdirections,Shiva with sons and gana,sidha,gandharva,uragasangha,vidyadhara,yaksha,rakshas,kinnara,charana,muni,Khaga(birds),kings with wives ,saamantha,from all directions came to see the yajna of yudhishtira.Yudhishtira seemed like varuna ,Lord of oceans himself doing the yajana.On the days when soma is given ,king respectfully worshipped all Brahmins,elders and people assembled .He asked as tradition,who should be given the status of Agryapooja.The assembly was in thought .Then Sahadeva said:-The Lord of Sathwatha,Bhagavan Sree Hari is here.Wealth,time and space and everything is in him only.He is the form of yajna itself.Manthra,Ahuthy,agni,gnana,all depend on him only.That Eka,Adwaya ,Bhagavan Vaasudeva alone is worthy of being considered for Agryapooja in this yajna.He is Lokaswroopa and Athmasraya and creates,protects and destroys all loka.Just by his supervision every karma is done by prakrithy.When we give Agryaasana to Krishna it is equivalent of worshipping all .He is shantha,sarvantharyamin and poorna.
All the sabha praised these wise words of sahadeva.They accepted Krishna and worshipped him giving Agryaasana.Dharmaputhra washed feet of hari and wore it on his own head and on heads of his brothers,wife and ministers.He decorated krishna?s body with new yellow silk and new jewels and garlands and with tears of joy in his eyes praised him with sthothra .
Seeing all this the king of chedi ,Sisupala became angry and envious.He got up from his seat and raising his hands started to utter insulting words against Krishna.he said:-I have heard that there is a time for everything.It is true.otherwise ,such a sabha with so many elders would never have agreed to the words of a mere child like Sahadeva.How did you,elders ,agree to sahadeva and give Krishna this agryasana?There are several great sages in this sabha who have purified themselves with Athmabodha and sidhi of Brahman,and devoid of any impurities and worshipped by even the protectors of the 8 sides.How could you ignore them and give this great place to a mere cowherd?It looks like a crow taking away the purodasa meant for deva.Krishna has no varnasramadharma,and heis not aristocratic and he is living as he pleases ,without any dharma and without any guna either.The yadava race to which Krishna belongs had been cursed by the ancestor King Yayathi to sacrifice kingship.And moreover,now the yadavas have become drunkards can one who took birth in that detestable race become worshippable?He has discarded all the places which are for time immemorial occupied by Brahmarshins and went to a island in the middle of ocean without any Brahmavarchas .these people are only thiefs.they are robbing people of their rights.

Hearing all these insulting remarks Krishna remained silent as if a lion hearing the cry of a jackal.The sajjana among the sabha closed their ears and saying that to hear such insulting words about God is inauspicious and they left the sabha immeadiately cursing Sisupala for uttering such words of disgrace.Pandava,Matsya,Kekaya,Srinjaya races became angry and wanted to kill king of chedi immeadiately and rose with their weapons.But Sisupaala went on uttering similar words without fear and without concern about the feelings of the others in the sabha.Then Krishna asked the others to be patient and stood up in anger and the wheel Sudarsana appeared in his hands .It took away the life of Sisupaala in a second.The army and relatives of him ran away in fear.Everyonesaw a light arising out of the king of Chedi and merging with Krishna .It looked like a comet falling onto earth .Sisupala was the third janma of one of the Vishnuparshada ,Jaya and vijaya.The dhyana of virodha gave him sarupya with Bhagavan .After the yajna Dharmaputhra gave dakshina to all .Krishna stayed back in Indraprastha for a few more months enjoying the company of Pandavas.Then somehow making Yudhishtira agree to his departure ,Krishna went back home with wives and ministers.All were happy except Duryodhana in the rajasooya of yudhishtira.

In Rajasooyayajna each of the princes and relatives were given a special duty to perform.Son of Vayu ,Bheema was in charge of food and kitchen.Treasury was under Duryodhana.Sahadeva for welcoming guests.Nakula for collecting materials needed.For doing service to sajjana Arjuna and for washing feet of guests Krishna.Karna for giving alms,Krishna daughter of Drupada ,for feeding the guests.Uthama,Yuyudhana,Vikarna,Hardhikya,Vidura,the sons of balheeka like Santhardhana,were all given a duty according to their taste and preference.All of them did their duty efficiently .After Avabrithasnana of Dharmaputhra the kings of Kuru,Kekaya ,Srinjaya,Kamboja,Kosala ,Yadu etc went back with their relatives and army .The wives of Pandava,Krishna and other kings with their husbands did celebrate a holy and made each other drench in water smeared with curd,oil,chandan,kumkm and manjal .Dance and music and instruments echoed everywhere .Allfriends were given dress,crown,kundala,garlands and decorations etc .People were praising the king and his wealth as well as his dharma and efficiency .Seeing and hearing all this and noting the wealth in the treasury of dharmaputhra Duryodhana could not control his envy.Seeing the beautiful wives of Krishna and the wife of Pandava enjoying all the wealth that is available in all the worlds Duryodhana became thoughtful.One day when Yudhishtira was sitting on his golden throne with his retinue,Duryodhana wearing allhis golden ornaments ,and proud of his wealth came there with his brothers scolding the servants of pandava for every other silly reason.He was supervisingthe sabha made by Maya because he had never seen such a wonderful sabha.But unfortunately for him,thinking that a crystal floor is water he caught his dress high up to walk through it and seeing that he was mistaken he walked on and found a place with water.And remembering what had happened earlier he walked through it holding his head high and fell into water and drenched all his clothes and body .The Kings in the sabha,and Droupathy with Bheema laughed aloud even if Dharmaputhra asked them not to do so.He was shy and angry and felt insulted and went back to Hasthinapura in envy and enmity thinking of methods to get all that belongs to Pandavas.The reason for unhappiness of Duryodhana was the dosha of his mind alone and nothing else.

Salwa and the battle journey of Pradyumna:-

Salwa was friend of Sisupala ,king of Chedi and had come for the wedding of Rugmini.And yadavas defeated Salwa in the war at Vidarbha.Salwa took an oath?I will make this earthdevoid of yaadavas?.He did penance ,eating a handful of sand everyday ,withoutany other food ,and meditated on Shiva.At the ned of the rainy season,Shiva being easilypleased (Kshipraprasadi)gave him that boon.Salwa asked for a vehicle that will not be broken by deva,asura,men,serpents,gandharva,rakshasa etc and which is fearful to the Vrishni race,and desirable and which can win over the cities of enemies.Thus he was given a city called Soubha which can move in earth,ocean and sky and made of metal and which gives all desires and made of Thamas.Immeadiately Salwa went to Dwaraka and surrounded Krishna?s port city with his army.At that time ,Krishna was in Indraprastha.
Salwa destroyed the gardens,cities,villages,forts ,walls ,houses ,towers etc of Dwaraka from that vimaana which was invincible.Everywhere dust and whirlwinds were seen and stones,trees ,fire,serpents etc rained from that vimaana .Thus the House of Krishna was attacked by Salwa and seeing this Pradyumna with Sathyaki and other warriors did a strong defence against Salwa.Salwa was a magician and all his magics were defeated by son of Rugmini.It was like sun destroying darkness.With 25 arrows having golden handle and iron tips ,pradyumna killed the commander of Salwa?s army,with 100 arrrows injured Salwa,with 10 each the charioteers,and with three each the vehicles and one each the warriors.Both warriors of Yadava and Salwa side praised Pradyumna for his valourous performance.
The vehicle of Salwa called Soubha is sometimes seen on earth,sometimes in ocean,and sometimes in sky and sometimes disappears from sight and such magical feats were performed by Salwa.It revolved like a wheel of fire everywhere.There was no fixed position anywhere.It was seen wherever the yadavas looked.Yadavas sent arrows in all directions seeing Salwa and his vehicle and army everywhere.For one second by the arrows of yadavas the king of Soubha became comatose .Then his commander and minister Dyumaan came towards pradyumna and with an iron mace struck him and made a great cry of war.By that unexpected strike the chest of Pradyumna was injured and he went into a swoon.The charioteer took the vehicle to a distant place and saved his life.After a moment when Pradyumna got back consciousness he was very sad to see this.He said:-By doing this you have made me an insult to my race.No one evr in our race have fled from a battleground and how can I face my elders now ?And what will the wives of my brothers say when they see me after this ?They will laugh at me saying that I had been a coward ,running away like this leaving my brothers in the battlefront.They will ask me where did your courage go?
The charioteer said :-It is the duty of the charioteer to keep alive the swamin when he is in a swoon.I have just done that.You have not run away from war.You were brought here for a temporary period till your swoon is gone so that you can resume battle.
Thus wearing a new armour and more energetic Pradyumna returned to the battlefront and to Dyumaan.With 8 arrows He attacked yuman.Four of them killed the four horses of Salwa?s minister.One killed is charioteer.One broke his bow,another his flag and yet another his head.Sathyaki,Samba ,Gada were vigourously attacking and destroying army of Salwa.The heads of his army fell into the sea all around Dwaraka.This war lasted for 27 days.
When Krishna ,dwelling in Indraprastha ,after Sisupaalavadha, saw some bad omens he returned to his port city in haste.He knew that when he and Balarama were away,enemies who are angry hearing the death of Sisupala have destroyed his city.Krishna asked Daruka to take the chariot straight to Salwa and his army.The chariot with mudra of Garuda turned to Salwa.Seeing that Salwa sent a powerful Sakthy .That did not touch Krishna?s charioteer.The vimana of Salwa which was revolving as a comet quickly around the earth and lighting up the directions with its brightness was cut into 100 pieces by the arrows of Krishna.With 16 arrows he controlled Salwa and covered his vehicle with arrows,like the sky is covered by rays of sun.Salwa injured the left hand of Krishna holding theSarngha bow and everyone seeing this was afraid .Salwa roared in selfpraise:-Mooda,I have seen you taking away the wife of Sisupaala who is your brother in front of us ,his friends.And now you have killed that friend of mine.You think that you are invincible.Now see what had happened .I have injured you.If you remain in front of me a little longer you will go to that place where you will never return back.
Hearing this Krishna said:-Ignorant fool,Arent you seeing the death which is nearing you?Why do you praise yourself?Brave people never do that.They don?t talk empty words but act.
Saying this ,with Koumodaki mace Krishna struck him on his neck and he fell down vomiting blood and entire body trembling .But when the mace returned to Krishna,the body of salwa was not seen .One man came to Krishna in tears and gave him a message:-Krishna,Krishna,One who loves father,Listen.The king of Soubha has bound your father and took him prisoner to be killed.Just like a goat is taken by a butcher he took Vasudeva.

Krishna for a moment became compassionate and sad and thought:-How can Salwa take my father prisoner when Balarama ,my brother is with him? How can a silly Salwa defeat my brother who is always alert and never worried and too strong.

When Krishna said this ,every one saw Salwa coming with Vasudeva as prisoner .He said:-Krishna,For whom do you live now?Your praana is your father.I am killing him in front of your very eyes.
He took a sword and killed Vasudeva and entered his magic vehicle
Though Bodhaswaroopa himself,Krishna for a second lost consciousness seeing his father thus murdered in cold blood.Then he knew that it is the thaamasi maay aof Salwa and awakening from the dream ,he tried to localize Salwa ,and his vehicle and the body of his father.He destroyed the armour,bow,weapons crown of Salwa with arrows and Soubha with his mace.When soubha fell down from sky as dust ,into the ocean ,Salwa took his mace and ran towards Krishna in anger.His hand with mace was cut by Krishna?s arrows.Then he took Sudarsana wheel with the light of fire of Kalapanthapralaya .Krishna stood there with the wheel like a mountain with rising sun.The head of Salwa with kundala and crown fell by the wheel.

There was another person coming towards Krishna for war.He was friend of Sisupala,Poundraka and Salwa .His name was Dandaavakthra.Krishna seeing him coming jumped down from chariot with his mace and obstructed him as a ocean is obstructed by the land.Dandavakthra said:-I have seen you today,It is your misfortune .You are our uncle?s son.But you have alwys been a enemy to us.You desire to get my wealth .So I will destroy you with my mace which is equal to Vajra.By this I will repaymy debt to my relatives killed by you.You are my relative but enemy in disguise .Like a disease withn the body has to be removed ,you though relative being enemy has to be destroyed.
Inthis manner Dandavakra tried to control Krishna with words as if a mahout tries to control an elephant with his instruments.He struck Krishna on his head with mace.Krishna struck back with Koumodaki mace and he was killed in an instant.A subtle light entering from his body into body of Krishna was seen by onlookers.His brother Vidooratha came towards Krishna with sword but sudarsana killed him too.

When the news that Pandava and Kourava are about to fight each other reached Dwaraka ,Balarama who did not want to participate in the war said that I am going for a sacred pilgrimage and left .He took bath in Prabhasatheertha,and went towards river araswathy.Saw Sudarsanatheertha,Prithoodaka,Bindusaras,Vishaala,Thrithakoopa,Brahmatheertha,Chakratheertha,Saraswathythat flows to the east ,Ganga,and Yamuna etc in order.He reached naimisharanya where great sages do the yaaga .The sages about to start a long Yajna welcomed Rama,and Rama thus respected looked at the disciple of Romaharshana who was in that sabha of scholars.He was not respecting Balarama and was sitting among the sages though he is a sootha (charioteer).He was the disciple of Vyasa .Balarama thought that he though disciple of Vyasa and knower of veda,purana,ithihasa,dharmasastra and a scholar has not learned maryada and is egocentric and therefore is only an imposter who pretends he knows dharma.Rama thought,I being born for protection of dharma should kill this adharmin .And with a blade of kusa grass Samkarshana killed that scholarly disciple of Vyasa ,though he was on a sacred pilgrimage .Seeing this all sages were sad and said that it was adharma .They said:-Yadunanadana,We had given him a great position ,life,Athmabala,the greatest Brahmaasana to fulfill this great yajna and you without thinking had killed him in a moments emotion.We know that you being a yogeswara yourself the injunctions of veda does not touch you and you are beyond them.But yet ,since you have done a Brahmahatya here you have to observe penance for it too.Do it without any body?s influence .Because a penance done by ones own conscience is the best and it is for service of entire humanity.

Balarama agreed and asked them which is the best method of penance for his karma.He said I will give life,a prolonged lifespan,sathwaguna,efficiency in all functions and whatever you desire to him again with my yogasakthy.
Sages said:-Do whatever you think is best so that the yajna,our words,your powers,as well as Mrityu is not made untrue.
Balarama said:-Sruthivaakya is that I am born as the son.So ,he will become the sakthi,life,efficiency and the one who is the vakthaa(speaker)or orator as your son .Tell me what else I should do as a penance .
Sages said:-There is a person called Ballwala ,who is son of Illwala ,and that asura comes in every newmoon and fullmoon day and rains meat,flesh,blood and urine in our yajnasaala and makes it polluted.Kill him and protect our yajna and then complete your journey all over Bhaaratha in 12 months and be purified of your sin.

Balarama waited for the said day.The day of the moon came and he found a foulsmelling stormy wind approaching .Inside the sacrificial hall it rained dirt and dust and urine,blood and flesh polluting it.Then the doer of this havoc,Balluala came in front of everyone wearing a trident.He had a huge black body,and brassy hair and beard ,sharp teeth and thick fearful brows and cruel face.Balarama remembered his mace and his iron musala and they came to him immeadiately .Balarama attracted Ballwala who wasremaining in sky by the end of his plough,and struck him on head with musala and killed him .The rishi assembled praised and worshipped Rama and did abhisheka on him and gave vaijayanthi garland which will never fade and divine decorations,and two garments and blessed him.
Balarama continued his journey with Brahmins .He bathed in theriver Kousiki and reached the origin of Sarayu river.From there along the river bank he traveled to Prayaga and took a bath there.Then he visited Pulaha?s ashram .He took bath in Gomathy,Gandhaki,Vipasa,and Sona rivers and then did Pithruyajna in Gaya and reached where Ganga meets the ocean.From there he went to Mahendra mountains and worshipped BrighuRama .Then he took bath in the sapthaGodavari,Bheemarathi,Vena and River Pampa.Then he reached Thiruchenthur and worshipped Skanda .He went to Sreesailam where Shiva dwells and from there he saw the most sacred Venkata mountain of Dravidadesa.He saw Kancheepura ,which gives all desires,and the Kaveri which is most important among rivers,and Sreeranga with presence of Vishnu.Then he visited Vishnukshethra at Rishaba mountains and Southern Mathura .He went to the Sethu at the southern ocean which destroys all sins .There he gave 10000 cows to Brahmins .Then he went to Krithamala river and thamravarni and Malayaparvatha.He worshipped Agastya who dwells there.With his permission he proceeded to southern ocean to worship Durga as Kanyaka.Then he went to the famous Ananthapura and there he dipped in the panchapsarasa (five theertha of the 5 apsara)and gave 1000000 cows to Brahmins.
From Ananthapura he went to the famous Keraladesa which is known as the thrigartha (The three great areas which are below sea level.).From there he went to Gokarna where Shiva?s presence is felt.He saw the Durga in the island ,and reached the Soorparakaksethra(The sopara ).Tapathi,Payoshni,Nirvindhya were seen and in all these he took sacred baths.Then he reached Dandakaaranya and Mahishmathy.He took bath in Reva which flows through Mahishmathy and then in Manutheertha .And reached back inPrabhasatheerth afrom where he had begun his sacred pilgrimage.
Then he heard of the outcome of the kurukshethra war .He heard that Bheema and Duryodhana are to begin their duel and thought I should some how prevent it.Thus he proceeded from Prabhasa to Kurukshethra.Dharmaputhra,Krishna ,Arjuna came and welcomed him .They were afraid of him and did not know what he was about to say.Rama saw Bheema and Duryodhana in action and the duel had already started.Balarama said:-Both of you are of equal strength.Therefore there is no use in continuing this battle.No one will win and no onewill fail too.One has more of body strength and the other have more of practice.Stop this battle.
Both of them neglected his words .Therefore Balarama thought that it is the dosha of their Kaala and I cannot help them.And he returned to Dwaraka and met Ugrasena and stayed there happily.The sages did worship of him for he had become Yajnamga with his sacred pilgrimage and looked pure as sun.He gave them power to see him in the universe and the universe in him so that they got Brahmagnana from him
Doing Avabrithasnana with his wife Revathy,and with his relatives and friends around he looked like moon in the midst of the stars.The person who remembers the Adisesha as Balarama and his great deeds during sandhya will become dear to Mahavishnu.

Heart of devotee is ever thirsty to hear the stories of bhagavan.Even a person who is interested in vishayabhoga and is subject to arrows of Manmatha,will get out of that bondage by constantly hearing stories of Bhagvan.
That word is word which praise Krishna.
Those hands are hands which do service to Krishna.
That heart alone is heart which remembers Bhagavan who fills entire cosmos.
That ear alone is ear which hear the pure stories and songs of Krishna.
No head is head if it does not bow at the two feet of Vishnu as the Vishnulingadwaya.
That eye is not eye which does not see his signs and form.
No organ is organ that does not reach to touch the sacred waters of feet of Hari and Haribhaktha.

There was a friend of Krishna who was shantha ,and Brahmagna and who had controlled all Indriya.He was Kuchela.He spent days with what is obtained by daily bhiksa.But he was agrihastha.His wife was very thin because of constant hunger.She too was a good soul like her husband.Once due to the hunger ,and trembling of entire body by cold,that lady came to her husband and told him:-Brahman,Bhagavan,I know your friend is the husband of Lakshmi herself.And is a brahmanabhaktha too.He protects devotees and dharma.He is Bhagavan eternal .Go and meet him once.He will give you enough wealth for continuing the samsara life of a grihastha.He is adored by Vrishni,Bhoja and Andhaka races and lives now in Dwaraka.For devotees who live with memory of the paadapadma of bhagvan he gives Athman itself.Therefore that Guru can give you artha(wealth)which is not that important too.
When she said this again and again ,the Brahmin thought I will go and meet my old friend .Not because he wanted wealth but because the prospect of seeing that old childhood friend filled him with bliss.He asked him to give something so that he can give a gift to his old friend.
She took four handful of crushed dry paddy(which is called Aval)which was the only food that remained in the house and covered it within a torn cloth and gave it to her husband.Both the torn cloth and the aval were the only wealth in that home which shows the state of the family.
Kuchela thought:-How can I get Krishna?s darsana?Will he remember me after so many years?
And he reached Krishna?s house inDwaraka.Krishna saw him from a distance from his terrace and went down to receive him.He washed the poor Brahmin?s feet and wore that water on his head.Heapplied chandan,kumkum and gorochan on his thin body with swollen veins.Worshipped with lamp,fragrant dhoopa and flowers and gave thamboola.Lakshmidevi herself fanned that Brahmin wearing torn dirty cloths.Seeing Krishna and Rugmini worshipping this poor Brahmin all were astonished and some wondered who this avadhootha might be.Krishna is making him sit on his own throne and Rugmini fans him with golden handled chamara.What good deed he might have done in his past janma to get this punya.Krishna embraces him and talks with him so friendly and naturally as if he had known him all his life.They were reminiscing their childhood stories and memories.
Bhagavan said:After leaving school did you marry a good wife?I know even if you are a grihastha you are not attached to kaama or wealth.Just like me you too are doing the duty without attached to my Maaya.Do you remember the days we sprnt at our Guru?s house?First Guru is the father who made us possible to be born to this world.Second Guru is the one who teach us the sathwik Brahmana dharma.The Guru who gives Gnana is ,like me,sakshath Guru itself.People who knowing my advice of dharma,and cross samsara are knowers of artha or wealth who has all luxuries too.I being the internal Athman is not satisfied with Gurupooja,thapas,birth in a good family or ace or with yaga.

Friend,while we were in Gurukula,Gurupathni once sent us to forest to collect fuel.At dawn a wind and rain came and we could not find our way out of the forest.Moreover all ditches and canals and ways were fll of water and could not be recognized.In the morning Guru Sandeepani came in search of us .Seeing us thus he said by suffering such trouble for me you have given me the best dakshina and I bless you that you will never forget the chandas,and both in this and the other worlds all your desires will be fulfilled.

Kuchela said:-You are the Guru of the world.You are satyasamkalpa and gets everything just by your will.For you what is to be gained by Gurukula training? Your body is the form of veda.It is the origin of auspiciousness.You lived there just for making the world aware that it is the dharma of all who takes birth on earth.
Krishna asked with a smile :-That is right.What have you brought for me as a gift ? Whatever you give from your home ,whether it is a fruit,a flower or even a drop of water given with love makes me pleased .
Kuchela was shy and he lowered his face and kept silent.He could not take that small torn dirty package of aval in front of all those people and in that luxurious palace.
Krishna knowing the thoughts of all ,thought:-This friend of mine did not love for wealth.He has come here not for wealth but just to see me.He came respecting his wife?s words and I will give himeverything even without asking for anything.
Then he caught hold of the small cloth from Kuchela saying ?What is this?Is this for me??And opened it.And saw what is inside.Then he said :Youknow what I like best.I love aval.
He ate a handful of it.When he started to eat a second handful Rugmini caught his hand and prevented him from doing so.She said:-Lord,For this greatest Bhaktha to get all his desires in this and the next loka this is enough.
That night Kuchela stayed with Krishna.He thought he was in heaven.Next day when he took leave Krishna came to the gate and embraced him and gave him leave.
On his way Kuchela thought:-Krishna did not give and I did not ask either.I am in an ecstacy after seeing Krishna and with his embrace.What else doI need?The Bhagavan on whose chest the Goddess of Lakshmy is dwelling embraced this idol of poverty.He didn?t give me wealh because wealth makes men forget God .Thus thinking he reached his home.He could not recognize the place.It had changed to a palace with gardens and swimming pools and with decorated servants and he felt uneasy thinking that I have lost my way in daydreams.
But then he saw his wife with jewels and silk coming to welcome with servants and with musicians playing instruments to welcome him.He thought I am dreaming.She came and embraced him like a Lakshmi.He saw his home luxurious like Dwaraka and wondered how this happened.It must be the compassionate Krishna?s doing .What else can do this ?I needed his love ,friendship devotion only and he has given me these also.Thus fixed in Hari ,he attained vairagya in all the luxuries and remained ever devoted to Krishna and achieved liberation in this very life.

Krishna meets his friends and NandaGopa in Kurukshethra:-

While Krishna and Rama were happily living in Dwaraka a complete eclipse of the sun happened.It looked like the arrival of a deluge as in the end of a kalpa .When this eclipse was predicted early,all people migrated from lowlying areas to the Kshethra called Syamanthapanchaka.This was the place where after killing Kshathriyas for 21 times and destroying the whole race ,Parasurama bathed and got rid of his sins.Even if Krishna and Rama has no association tokarma,being Isa itself,they too went there like all human beings of that time.They too did yajna for removal of sins there to show a karmic model to humanity.People from all places of Bharathavarsha had assembled there .Akroora,Aahuka,Vasudeva and other yadava chiefs were there.Pradymna,Samba and Gada with all their brothers and cousins had come .There were only a few people in Dwaraka .Anirudha for protection of Dwaraka with suka and Saarana,and Charuchandra remained there and Krithavarma was there as their commander in chief.All the others came to Kurukshethra.All yadava with wives,with their entire army reached there for removal of sins for the predicted eclipse.They bathed ,took upavaasa,gave food to Brahmins and prayed for devotion forever in Krishna,and rested under trees .They saw all their friends there.Here Vyasa mentions the friends and relatives of Vrishnis.
Matsya ,Useenara,Kekaya,Kamboja,Kosala,Kerala,Aanartha,Srinjaya,Madra,Vidarbha,Kunthi kingdoms and their kings and subjects were friends and relatives of Vrishnis.The friends of Gokula ,the Gopika and Nanda had come and Rama and Krishna saw them all.They could not speak a word by that reunion and its bliss and looked at each other with tears of joy and embraced and kissed each other .Elders were worshipped and youngsters were given blessings.Kunthi seeing all her relatives in yadava race and Krishna was very happy too.She told Vasudeva:-Arya,I am the unluckiest of the lot amongst us.You have never thought of me even in my worst days though I am your sister.But when divine grace is against me,how can anyone remember me ?Every one forgets the one who is not having grace of God.
Vasudeva said:-We are only toys in the hands of God .Do not blame us.We were afraid of Kamsa and were in his jail and suffering so longso that we could not remember any other thing.Only now we have reached a safe place and a safe life with grace of God.You at least did not suffer the killings of your children by any one.

Bheeshma,Drona,Dritharashtra ,Gandhari ,her sons,Droupathi and Pandavas ,vidura,Kunthibhoja who is king of Kasi ,kripacharya,King of Kekaya Damaghosha ,kings of srinjaya,The king of Mithila the handsome Bheeshmaka,Yudhamanyu,Sudharmav,king of Madra,King of balheeka with his son,and all the kings of Bharatha were assembled there .Every one had opportunity to see and talk to Krishna and all of them wondered at the beauty,knowledge and attractive behaviour of him towards all alike .The kings praised vrishnis for having the great luck of having Krishna among them as protector.They said:-You are lucky.You can see him every day .And he is the one who is unseen even by yogins.His fame is in the veda.The water which wash his feet makes all worlds purified.His words purify the sasthraa and veda.This earth gives us all our needs by the touch of his feet only.To have the luck of living with him,seeing him,touching him,talking with him,and traveling with him ,eating and sleeping with him ,and association with him and protection from him always !!You are lucky since Srihari lives in your home always.

Vasudeva embraced Nanda and they remembered all the difficult times theyhad passed through for protecting this precious son of theirs from Kamsa and his cruelty.Seeing Nanda,Rama and Krishna could not speak a word due to overflowing love towards him.Yesodha and Nanda took them on their lap and washed them in their tears and embraced and kissed them as if they were still small children.Rohini and Devaki embraced Yesodha and talked with her with respect and love.They said:-How can we forget your friendship and love?We will not accept even heaven if it is offered in exchange for your love and friendship.My children who has never seen their father and mother grew up only with your love and compassion.By protecting them as your two eyes they became so valiant and bold and beautiful and compassionate and lovable .
The Gopikas seeing Krishna after several years embraced him with their eyes and attained his bhaava in a second.When they were in Haribhaava they were embraced by Hari ,in ekantha,and smiling at them said sweet words of love.
He said:-My friends!We were involved in protection of our people and in battles and duties of various types and could not come and see you for a long time.Do you still remember us,your childhood friends?Do you think that we are thankless people and enjoyed all your love there and forgotyou when we are here.Iswara has given us union and Iswara himself separates us from each other.Paraanuraaga in me for all living things gives them amritha.By luck ,you have such a deep love for me and so we are in union.This prapancha made of panchabhootha and all in it have in and out ,beginning and end and middle in me alone.Jeeva is the enjoyer and is in all panchabhootha.I am poorna and is in everything and know that there is nothing but me .
Thus he gave Adhyathmavidya to Gopikajana and they permanently merged in him ,by removing the coverings of the Athman forever.That lotus feet which is dhyanagamya and meditated upon by yogheeswara and which help to cross samsara ocean enlightening their minds all the time,that was not difficult for them.

While Krishna was talking with Pandavas,Krishnaa(Droupathy)was talkig with wives of Krishna.She asked:-Rugmini,Bhama,Kalindi,Kousalya,Lakshmana,Mithravinda,Jambavathy,Rohini,Bhadra, and all wives of Hari ,I want to hear the story of how Hari married you from yourself.

Rugmini said:-My brother and kings who are his friends decided to give me to Sisupaala and he like a Lion taking away his share from the jackals took me away .I pray that in all my janma I should be able to serve his feet.
(The Vivaha with Rugmini is by force abducting a girl from relatives and hence called Rakshasavivaha.)
Sathyabhama said:-My father thought Krishna had killed his brother.And to remove that rumour he searched for Syamanthaka and from Jambavan he got it and gave it back to my father.Thus my father gave me in marriage to Krishna.(This is called Prajapatya).
Jambavathy said:-My father could not at first identify him as Srirama and fought in vain for a few days.Then he understood the truth and gave me to him along with the jewel and from that day I am his daasi.(This too is Prajapathya).
Kaalindi said:-I had been doing thapas to get him as my husband.The all knowing Lord knew it.One day he came with his friend Arjuna and through mediation of Arjuna we united .(That is gandharva).
Mithravinda said:-Krishna in my swayamvara came and conquered kings and my brothers and took me as his wife.(This is cousin marriage which was done in a rakshasa style.Being a cousin marriage it is natural love for the girl too.)
Sathyavathy said:-My father decided that my marriage should be after testing the strength of the bridegroom.He thus had 7 ox in our palace specially kept for the purpose.No one can ever win them over .They were so strong.But kesava came and as if a child playing with toys he won over all and won me as well .Thus with Veeryasulka ,he made me his wife and servant out of love for me .(It was a swayamvara for Krishna .He himself had gone to King of Kosala asking for Kousalya and won over the ox just for making her his wife).
Bhadra said:-Krishna is my uncles son and I loved him from childhood being my bridegroom.Therefore my father gave me to him .(Cousin marriage)
Lakshmana said:-Narada used to tell the stories of Krishna .Hearing them I was in love with him.I meditated o him forever and became fixed in him.My father Brihatsena decided to give me to him and for that he made a plan.No one other than Krishna should be able to win .Friend ,In your marriage your father did a Matsyayanthra so that only Arjuna should marry you.My father had made such a one .Its refletion can be seen in water.Looking at the reflection,one has to send arrow and cut the fish in the revolving matsyayanthra.Hearing this all kings and princes came .They all failed in the test.Karna,Bheema,Duryodhana,King of Magadha,Ambashta ,Chedi were all there for the test.Arjuna saw the reflection and sent arrow and it touched the fish but did not fell it.Thus Krishna came last and in child?s play fell the fish .When sun was in the muhoortha called Abhijith he did this great feat.I was taken to him wearing two new cloths to cover my body and with garlands and music everywhere and I was shy.I looked at him with a side glance and a smile on my lips and my anklets making slight music walked to him slowly .I had a golden garland in hand and with a loving devoted heart I put it on his handsome neck.Then Mridanga,pataha,samkha ,bheri etc and vocal music and dance followed .The music was emotional and breaking the heart with love.When I married him thus,Droupathi,those greedy and desirous men who failed in the test came to fight with him.Hari kept me in his chariot with four horses and was ready with his sarngam bow to fight with them.That golden chariot was moved by Daruka ,and Hari took me like a lion from the onlooking jackals.Winning over the kings that followed we reached Dwarka by evening.My father gave wealth ,crowns,ornaments and cloths etc to all relatives on the occasion.Elephants,horses,chariots and deorated dasis were sent to Dwaraka as kanyasulka.Also several weapons were given toKrishna by my father.We ,eight of them,doing thapas every day and discarding all attachment to samsara thus ,became his eternal dasi and kaantha forever .
The other Mahishijana said:-In Digvijaya ,Narakaasura made us prisoners in his city.We worshipped Hari for our liberation.He who knows everything ,and he who has no kaama or desire in anything came simply out of compassion for us,and killing Naraka took us as his wives and dasi.We desire just to wear the dust of his feet on our heads and worship him for ever in all janma .We do not desire empires,power,place of Indra in heaven ,the place of Virat or Parameshty or even Vishnuloka.Werespectfully wish to have the dust of his feet ,which is worn by the Gopaala,the grass of vrindavan,the Gopikas,the women of Pulindadesa etc .It is easy to get it if one gets his compassion through devotion and love .

The conversation between Droupathy and wives of Krishna was listened to by Kunthi,Gandhari,Madhavi ,the Gopikas and wives of all the kings.All of them with love in Krishna shed tears of bliss hearing the stories of their love.
The men were also having their private conversations.Rama and Krishna and the yadava chiefs and Pandavas were conversing cheerfully.The sages came to visit Krishna and Rama.They were Vyasa,Brihaspathy,Narada,Gouthama,Kousika,Kasyapa,Angiras,Athri,Devala,Yajnavalkya,Pulastya,Brighu,Vamadeva,Sathananda,Ekatha,Son of Mrikandu,ParasuRama and his disciples,Bharadwaja,Sanaka and his brothers,Vasishta,Dyutha,Chyavana,Thritha ,Agastya and Galava.
Krishna welcoming and worshipping them said;- our life has become purified by seeing the Yogeendras like you.No one withot thapas and purity can get your sight,and communication with you and we have got the luck of worshipping you too.The sand on which your feet is washed is the purest sacred theertha .By sajjanasevana we are purified.By the advice and blessing of a sajjana all sorrows are removed within a moment.This material body with thridosha of Vaatha ,pitha and sleshma is misunderstood as Athman by the ignorant and they are attached to it and to its pleasures of wife,son and wealth etc.They think that it is their own (swantham).To loose the feeling of difference in sand,stone,idol,living and nonliving things and in everything,to see God in everything is a difficult process and with darsana of yogins like you even that is possible.

The sages stood silent seeing the Iswara speaking the words of a human being ,to bound them in Maaya.They knew that it is for Lokaraksha and dharmaraksha.Krishna is secretly doing his dharma and pretending that he is an ordinary human being so that the dharma that he does and spreads will be done by others.They praised him with several veda words and said:-We know that though you are so close to them and so near them your relatives,the yadus and these kings do not know you as you are! That is the bondage of Maya is blocking their view and they see you as one among them only ,as a dear relative only.

When the Rishis were about to depart Vasudeva approached them and asked a way for destruction of all karma and acquisition of gnana.
Narada said:- Sages,do not wonder why Vasudeva is asking us when he has Krishna as his own son nearby.This is natural .Human beings have contempt or disrespect in the nearest object due to familiarity.(This is the saying familiaritybreeds contempt).Why should one living close to the Ganga wander here and there for purification rites?Yet this happens?

The rishis advised Vasudeva to worship Rishikesa without desire in the fruits of action with yajna so that all karma are destroyed.The grihastha has to earn wealth only by fair means and a part of it should be given for worship of Lord and for feeding the other beings ,guests etc.The greed for wealth should not be there.The feeling that this is mine and that is somebody elses and such differentiation brings in extreme competition and thus exploitation of weak by the strong.(Therefore Individual property rights were not there in ancient India ).By swanubhava and by knowledge of sasthra and by purity of mind sacrifice the eshanathraya and go to forest after Grihasthasrama and do thapas .All human beings are born with three Rna or debts .Debts for the Deva,Rishi and Pithru.By Adhyayana or learning our debts to Rishi is over.By yajna and pooja debts to deva is over.By children the debts to ancestors is over.You have already paid back all these debts .Except the yajna which you could not do in the jail of kamsa.So ,do them and get liberated from the debt to deva.You had done worship of Vishnu for several janma and as a result ,to give you the fruits of that thapas ,Bhagvan is born as your son.
Thus ,Vasudeva did yajna there itself with the rishis as Rithwiks.
In the yagasaala the kings and yadus came with white dress wearing lotus garlands along with their wives .Mridanga etc made rhythms and actors did dances .Magadha,sootha,and gandharva women and men sang praises.Vasudeva wearing anjana in eyes and applying butter all over his body ,with his 18 wives sat for Abhisheka like Moon with stars.Rama and Krishna decorated their father?s yagasala as sun and moon.After yajna Vasudeva gave away wealth as gold ,cows and cloths and did avabritha bath.He gave food to all jeeva and even dogs were invited for the annadaana.He gave gift sto all kings.After the yajna all others left except Nanda and his family who stayed back for some more days.One day Vasudeva caught the hands of Nanda and said:-My friend,what is meant by love?It is not the blood relation alone.It is a bondage which is done by God himself.To get out of that God?s decision no yogin or warrior or even God himself is incapable.You are good people.We have been thankless to you.Yet you love us so well.This friendship even after so many years have not lost its beauty or light .We could not help you in any way in the initial period because we were also helpless at that time.Now,because of our ego and our pride in our wealth we have become blind to who is our friend in reality.If a person gets extrawealth ,he forgets even the best friends.I have been so thankless to you.

Thinking about the old things and how Nanda and Yasodha helped him,Vasudeva wept like a child.Nanada stayed back for three months because he did not want to separate from his sons Rama and Krishna whom he had not seen for so long.At last he went back with his retinue ,not to Gokula but to Mathura since his group of Gopa and Gopika did not want to go back so soon .Krishna seeing that rainy season is nearing went back to his city of Dwaraka.
One day ,Vasudeva asked Rama and Krishna.?Both of you are Vishnu?s Avathara ,I have known it.You are capable of giving all desires to your devotees.You are Lords of all the prapancha.Directions,its right the aakaasa,its manifested form the Naada,Omkarasabd
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The first recorded history of Kerala appears in the inscriptions of the Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka (269-232 b.c.).In these inscriptions, Ashoka refers to four independent kingdoms that lay to the south of his empire. These were the kingdoms of the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Keralaputrasand the Satiyaputras.Among them, the Keralaputras or the Cheras, as they were called, reigned over Malabar, Cochin and North Tra ...
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History & Culture
History & Culture
 The unique culture of Thrissur is represented in the traditional customs of the place. Thrissur is referred to as the cultural nerve center of the state of Kerala. Representing the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the state of Kerala, Thrissur houses several literary and cultural societies that impart training in performing arts of the region. Thrissur celebrates numerous religious and ...
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How to Reach Thrissur in Kerala: How to Reach Thrissur by Air: The nearest airport to Thrissur is the Nedumbassery which is located 58kms away from Thrissur. Another important airport near Thrissur is Kochi Airport. How to Reach Thrissur by Rail: Thrissur Railway Station connects the city to the major cities of the country with its good network of railway lines. For a short while, during the reign of ...
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Geography of Thrissur reveals the topographic features of the region in south India. The city covers a total area of 3,032 square kilometers and is dominated by forest region. To know about Thrissur, it is also important to study the demography of the region which is also an important component in the study of the geographical features of the city. The city of Thrissur is situated in the geographical coordi ...
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Thrissur or Thrissivaperoor is the ‘cultural capital of Kerala’'. The city is a major financial and commercial hub. It is famous for the Thrissur Pooram festival and has a large number of well-known temples.Thrissur has traditionally been a centre of learning. With the decline of Buddhism and Jainism due to the growing supremacy of Brahminism during the revival of Hinduism, Thrissur became an ...
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